Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI) is an independent, non–political, subscription-based association, founded in 1890 to promote business growth and prosperity. Members are drawn from every sector of the economy and range from independent entrepreneurs to large corporations.

Since inception the Chamber has been the leading business organisation in the promotion and facilitation of international trade. Its extensive expertise and worldwide contacts have made the Chamber the partner of choice for local and international organisations looking to develop emerging businesses.

The Chamber provides the trading community with a range of services covering all aspects of international trade, including incoming and outgoing missions to new markets, training, certification of trade documentation, information events on doing business in destination countries and access to hands-on experts in the trading cycle. Its expertise and worldwide contacts have opened the doors to new business opportunities for many companies. It is, therefore, supremely qualified to run an export incubator.

The JCCI SME Export Incubator, called the Global Business Accelerator, offers a 3-year programme aimed at developing exporters capable of sustained on-going exports.